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From field to lawn, Reo cleanouts, General Maintance, Roofing, Siding, Flood repairs, Household chores, Mowing, Snow Removal, Flatscreen tv repair and a whole bunch more. One call we do it all! Fully insured team seeking work, if you have something you want done right the first time give us a call at 616-894-4352 .

Flat Panel TV Repair

Did you get one of those beautiful newer led televisions a few years back only to find the light breaks after a few years? They sure dont make them like that old Zenith do they! While im here to help, when it comes to the newer tv sets, I have got your back! I repair/sell/ and even sometimes purchace newer televisions. If the screen is not physically broken i can likely repair your set cheaper than the cost of replacing it. I also will buy non working sets to recycle reuse and resell.

Down Tree?Dead Tree? We have you covered!

We will come out and safely take it down, and clean it up! Call to inquire! INSURED, Reasonable rates, Professional climbers

Looking for WORK?


Now accepting applications for experienced reliable contractors and individuals looking for steady work. Join a team of elite service professionals today.

We offer many solutions to fit your needs

  • Landscape Maintance / Mowing
    • Full or partial service mowing
    • Brush Hog services avalible
    • Landscape Rework
    • Weed removal
    • General Property Cleanup
    • Tree and Hedge trimming
    • Log Splitting
    • Mosquito Control
    • Tree removal
    • Debris removal / disposal
    • Snow Plowing and Removal
    • Site Checks / Loss Prevention
    • Roof Raking / Ice Dam removal and prevention (snow removal)
  • Television Repair
  • Satellite Internet Repair services
  • Air antenna installation and service
  • Onsite Computer Repair
  • Cellular Antennas and Repeater Amplifiers
  • Entertainment Center assembly and installation
  • Webhosting and Development
  • And so much more....

The Bottom Line...
if you need something done give us a call we do it all!

What we have done - photo area...


With skills in many trades stuffinabox solutions, formed in early 2001, has skilled trades contractors to complete most any task you set. From general cleaning to complex security installations we do it all. There willl soon be a gallery of images of some of our past work.

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Time Line

Oct 2008
Opened the llc officially for business

Jul 2008
Website completely redesigned

Satellite Installations commence for hughes.

Stuffinabox Solutions Founded

Aug 15 2015
Site checks and Loss Prevention / Winterization added.


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